Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?  

Spiritual Direction is an encounter that explores a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human. Spiritual direction helps people tell their sacred stories every day. Spiritual direction describes the ancient process of accompanying people in their spiritual journey toward freedom and peace. Meeting regularly in spiritual direction supports spiritual formation. Spiritual direction is available to people of all faiths and people who are spiritual but have no religion, commonly known as “none.”

What is a Spiritual Director?  

A Spiritual Director is a trusted companion who supports spiritual formation and transformation. For thousands of years, many names have described the role including spiritual guide, spiritual companion, spiritual accompanier, mashpiah in Hebrew, anam cara in Gaelic, and spiritual teacher in Buddhism. Spiritual director is a historic umbrella term that describes a role of accompanying a spiritual directee who listens for the true spiritual director in the relationship as the directee defines it.  Some definitions the directee may apply to "true spiritual director" is  the Universe, the Great Mystery, Ultimate Reality or simply God.  

Ginny received formation training as a Spiritual Director from the non-denominational Spiritual Director Certification program at St. Anthony's Shrine at Arch St. Church in Boston, MA.   She completes her practicum training in Spring 2018 from Still Habor's Spiritual Direction Practicum Program.  Still Harbor's Spiritual Director practicum program focuses on social justice issues and the role of spirituality in solving global and personal existential questions.